JRB photo

Jacobee Rose Buchanan is on board to vend at the Cocoa Cabaret on Friday, Feb. 6!

After years of studying ballet, modern, jazz, Irish dance and musical theater in Ohio and later in New York, Jacobee turned her focus to visual art. Her work, often made from upcycled, repurposed, and reimagined materials, comes from a love of theater, dance, and literature, and a personal philosophy of using one’s style and surroundings to tell a unique story. Jacobee’s fashion sensibilities are broken into two distinct categories:

The Rose and Gear is romanticism viewed through the lens of the Industrial Revolution, resulting in fashion, décor, and art with a neo-Victorian/steampunk aesthetic. TRaG looks back to a time of great change and curiosity for inspiration.

The Rose and Thorn is retro-modern design with rough industrial finishes. Inspired by cyberpunk/dystopian fiction and film, TRaT looks at the dark side of technology and industry, yet still finds style and beauty amid the chaos.

Check out her designs on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/JacobeeRoseBuchananDesigns or on Instagram at http://instagram.com/jacobeerosemakesclothes/

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