joseph pledger

Joseph Pledger, creator of Ultimate Voyages through Language and History, will attend Queen City Black Comix Day on Aug. 29! The comic book was the prequel to the online text adventure The U.H.U.R.U. Initiative, which will culminate in a video game called World of Ultimatums. He’s a member of the Black Science Fiction Society and a vendor at the Black Age of Comics.

Midwest BSFA: How did you get into this?
Pledger: I’m a creator of ideas. I got the idea to create a comic book when I copyrighted characters from a story that I developed for game play. These characters come out of the failed public policies concerning Africa’s nation builders. Through slavery, segregation and colonialism, Black liberation was never fully achieved. Having benefited from the traditions and sacrifices of previous generations, my comic creation is an innovative response to Black history’s future.

Midwest BSFA: What inspires you?
Pledger: I’m inspired by the lack of dominance in the comic book and video gaming industries.

Midwest BSFA: How does “geek culture” in Cincinnati help you do what you love?
Pledger: I write. Black Comix Day is helping me to reach out to a under-served audience that are big video game consumers and comic book readers who don’t connect with their heritage in those mediums. Their culture is relevant to my comic book gaming adventure. I’m coming to develop a following.

Midwest BSFA: Do you have any advice for your artists of color?
Pledger: My advice to artists of color is to identify yourself and be available for work. Join freelancing site Guru or Black Science Fiction Society’s commissions group and consider events like Black Comix Day for networking by running a table to display work and availability.

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