Cincinnati native and noted cosplayer Matt Charleston, a.k.a. Sebastian Hexx, will judge the kids costume contest at Queen City Black Comix Day on Aug. 29!

Matt started cosplaying three years ago with the Ohio Ghostbusters, doing appearances for local charities. He still works with the group but he also co-founded the Cincinnati Cosplay Combo with fellow cosplayer Michael Surber. The duo can be found at a number of events around town, including the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Matt is known around the region for his superhero cosplays, including Batman, Captain America and Spider-Man. “I love doing superheroes with the kids,” he says. “I hope that my ideas and cosplay can help bring creativity to others.”

Bring your best costumes because Matt will judge two categories: 1-12 years and 13-19. You don’t want to miss out!

5 thoughts on “Queen City Black Comix Day Participant Sebastian Hexx

  1. We need to make a White Comix day. Idiots would claim that is “racist” so why is it okay to have a black only event?


    1. (There always has to be at least one in the bunch. *sigh*) The event focuses on African-American illustrators and comic creators because that’s who we want to highlight for this event (most of them don’t participate in the big shows like Cincinnati Comic Expo). It’s a chance for those individuals to show off their work. No one is going stand at the door and tell white people they can’t come in (it’s asinine that I even have to say that). If you want to attend, attend. If you don’t, don’t. Enough said.


  2. It is For everyone I’m sure it’s not ment for it to be quoted like that but it’s like ebony magazine it’s for everyone so come have fun with us sorry I wanted to lighten the mood a bit


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