When people insinuate that Midwest BSFA isn’t doing anything for the black community…

What does “bring more productivity to the black community” mean in this context? Like, seriously, what does that mean to you? Because my guess is that it means different things to different people…and that’s completely and utterly OK. Everyone is free to put together programs as they see fit. If you are a maker and you know other makers who are willing to work with you to make your vision happen, go for it. You are free to create your own group and host the programs you want to put on. No one’s stopping you. 
Midwest BSFA is more than steampunk. That’s actually a very small portion of what we’re about. The overall goal is to show more black folks who fully accept their blackness that it’s OK to be nerdy and geeky and like things that others might deem as being “only for white people.” The goal is to bring those like-minded individuals together to discuss all sorts of tropes and imagery and themes in speculative fiction genres and to see themselves in it in meaningful ways…to see themselves in the future…to encourage them to write their own futures. To me, cultivating imagination is incredibly important and that can happen in different ways. You can have your way and I can have mine.

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