When Mandisa Njeri and Mirabella von Dueling of Airship Ashanti walked up to WordPlay’s doors, the kids in attendance at Midwest BSFA’s steampunk character building workshop shouted, “Pirates! Pirates are coming!” That was the beginning of this awesome program featuring a fun lesson on steam technology and brainstorming steampunk names and back stories.

“The workshop was a huge success,” said Francis Pospisil, WordPlay’s Saturday coordinator. “The costumes got the students excited and made the day feel like a real event. We were able to build an event that combined a physics lesson (thanks to Curtis Maples) and creative writing. The D.I.Y. nature of steampunk and the homemade costumes could also translate to a workshop that culminates in a kinesthetic art project. I would recommend your character building workshop to other groups and look forward to being able to collaborate with other members of Midwest BSFA in the future. ‘Twas a truly win/win situation.”

“Bringing creative talent to our children’s writing workshops from outside the organization is an essential part of their success,” said Libby Hunter, WordPlay’s executive director. “Our students have the opportunity to experience new teaching styles, gaining new perspectives on critical thinking skills and unique approaches to learning and growing as writers. The MBSFA are exceptional at their craft, we would love to have them return!”

We had a great time at Science Fiction Saturdays. Thanks for having us!

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