Frobot at the library
That’s right, it’s our anniversary! A year ago today, I posted the first entry on this blog and started working on something that has become near and dear to my heart. Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance has allowed me to indulge in programming and conversations that have expanded my imagination and fed my spirit. I can only hope that it’s done the same for our members and those around us.

It seems like only yesterday that I was reading a Q&A with Rasheedah Phillips on the Fanbros website and thought, “How awesome would it be to have a group like that in Cincinnati?” I looked around at what was out there and realized there was nothing specifically geared toward the community I was looking to interact with – free-thinking black nerds and geeks. I reached out to some friends – Napoleon Maddox, Mildred Fallen – about creating something cool. They agree to help out and soon, Renee Tecco was on board, too. After the first program, “Black to the Future: Afrofuturistic Music,” Alexandra Green and Tiffany Luckey joined the fray. We’ve been programming together ever since. When you look at them all written out in a list, our 2015 accomplishments is short but impressive:

  • Hosted the “Black to the Future: Afrofuturistic Music” program at Sweet Sistah Splash
  • Hosted the Cocoa Cabaret, a steampunk/dieselpunk/Roaring ’20s-theme party at the Greenwich
  • Hosted the first installment of the Black Sci-Fi Book Club with writer Kathy Y. Wilson at the Corryville library branch
  • Supported IsWhat’s “The Deconstruction Period” shows at the Greenwich and MOTR Pub
  • Interviewed nearly creators of color (writers, promoters, musicians, actors, etc.)
  • Hosted Queen City Black Comix Day at the St. Bernard library branch
  • Represented the organization at MECCACon in Detroit
  • Hosted the second installment of the Black Sci-Fi Book Club with writer Dani McClain at Sweet Sistah Splash
  • Hosted a steampunk character building workshop at WordPlay in Northside

Most importantly, we’ve met and connected with soooo many people who get what we’re trying to do and why, online and in real life. And we look forward to doing it even more next year! Salud!

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