I just donated to this campaign. This is the company that published Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond, Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany, The SEA is Ours: Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia, APB: Artists Against Police Brutality, and many many other amazing comic books and novels. Its main focus is harnessing the power of diversity in storytelling and I will support it FOREVER. You should, too.

Troy L. Wiggins

Rosarium-bill“I believe it’s imperative that people are able to tell their own stories. They can build their own tables rather than ask for a place at the table.” – Bill Campbell, founder, Rosarium Publishing

The last few years has seen the rise of many public conversations in media and fan spaces surrounding the far-fetched idea that stories about marginalized groups/featuring characters from marginalized groups/developed by creators from marginalized groups deserve as much consideration as stories who are borne of creators not from these groups. There is much ado about diversity, and many publishing houses, comic book companies, game developers, and tv/film studios are clamoring to become more diverse. There are some studios, however, who have been committed to prioritizing these stories and properties since they began. Rosarium Publishing is one of those places. And now, Rosarium needs our help to do more and better work.

From the folks themselves:


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