The Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance is planning to host an art exhibit on Afrofuturism next February. We’re pegging this for Black History Month because as a society, we always talk about the past experiences of African-Americans during that month. With this exhibit, we’d like to focus on their futures. What Does the Future Look Like? will showcase the offerings from local and regional artists (mixed media, multimedia, painting, sculpting, you name it) to show us their interpretations of what the future looks like for black people.

Here is the event synopsis:
Afrofuturism is “a literary, artistic and cultural trend that combines elements of science fiction and fantasy with new technology to analyze and critique the historical and present day dilemmas of ethnic minorities.” While Afrofuturistic art conveys the fantasies of the future, it also seeks to connect people of the Diaspora to the narratives and aesthetics of our African heritage. The What Does the Future Look Like? art exhibit asks local and regional artists to examine these threads of connectivity to produce forward-looking art that stimulates thought around how African-Americans will be represented in the future. 
Do you know any local and/or regional artists who might be interested in participating? We want to be respectful of artists’ creative processes so we want to give them at least six months to work on something for the exhibit. If you know artists in multimedia, mixed media, painting, sculpting, etc., who might be interested, please send them the information above and have them contact for more details.
(Photo: glasses made from found objects by Cyrus Nganga)

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