Our co-founder, Aiesha, has been named the Queen of Diamonds for Pandoracon in November!  To celebrate our queen’s coronation, Midwest BSFA is giving away one weekend badge to the event! What is Pandoracon, you ask? It’s a local multi-fandom sci-fi and fantasy convention that celebrates all aspects of geek culture. This year’s theme is cyberpunk, which means that the decor, posters and flyers, and about a quarter of the session programming will relate to the theme (but it does not mean that you have to dress in cyberpunk costuming).

Pandoracon is an interactive convention, allowing attendees to participate on various levels over the course of the weekend, depending on comfort level. During the games portion of the con, four Houses – Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and Clubs – will be mega-corporations struggling to gain dominance and the PriGen, a secret piece of coding that will unlock a hidden mystery of cyberspace. Hackers and street samurai will battle in arenas of urban decay and cyberspace for their masters who long to possess the PriGen.

As a result, most of the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza will have the ambiance of a dark neon lit future where danger might lurk around every corner! In the “arena,” attendees will compete for points for their houses in the following games:

Cyber Jai Alai
Lifesize Pac Man
Tron Frisbees
Nerf Centipede

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, come and support Midwest BSFA as they try to win the Pandoracon games by joining House Diamond!

To celebrate our queen’s coronation, Midwest BSFA is giving away one weekend badge to Pandoracon! Just join the Midwest BSFA Facebook page, email us at midwestbsfa@gmail.com and tell us why you’re interested in attending, and your name will be entered into a drawing for the badge! (NOTE: The winner must agree to be a member of the House of Diamonds and compete in at least two of the Pandoracon games.)

Pandoracon. Nov. 11-13. Crowne Plaza, 5901 Pfeiffer Road, Blue Ash, http://thepandorasociety.com/pandoracon/pc2016-tickets/


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