13528699_1754031818172907_2305898099490772042_nIt’s been a full two years since I reached out to some of my favorite people to ask them if they’d be interested in being part of a local group that focuses on programming for, by and about African-Americans in the genres that fall under speculative fiction. I’ve had a blast creating and executing programs with them and I’m looking forward to doing more of that in 2017 and beyond! Here’s what they had to say about their involvement in the little spec fic group that could.

Tiffany Luckey, writer/editor, head reviewer for Midwest BSFA’s “Rewatch” series, jack-of-all-trades:
“Being a part of the Midwest BSFA means connecting with other ‘blerds’ and other like-minded people. We can share our nerdom with each other in a comfortable space free of judgment, and to see ourselves in science fiction told to us and by us. I’ve learned a lot in the past two years by being a part of this fantastic group—not only about speculative fiction and the like, but also about myself. I’m honored to be in the Midwest BSFA and
14725453_1250917234951046_3217065960850209221_nhope to see it continue to bloom to greater things.”

Renee Tecco, writer, Midwest BSFA Facebook page admin, jack-of-all-trades: 
“Being involved with Midwest BSFA has been fun and I hope that with the coming years our reach will grow so more people can join in. With our programs we have reached back to the past and looked forward to the future. We have brought together artists, scientists, wordsmiths and math nerds. Those groups are the ones who shape our culture, who create our narrative and help to drive who we become in the future. Midwest BSFA was desperately needed for blerds and geeks in our area as an outlet plus others have been able to join in as well. I am so proud of what we have accomplished the last two years and I’m excited about the possibilities to come.”Midwest BSFA CityBeat photo

Napoleon Maddox, rapper/beat boxer, Renaissance Man, idea generator:
“To me, the Midwest BSFA means that there is fertile ground for forward thinking events and dialogue. It normalizes none mainstream schools of thought that are often assumed to be ‘not of interest’ to African-Americans. This is an act of resistance, to say, we are curating our future, now. My way of seeing it is that this is our science truth, attempting to exclude or relegate us to less rich modes of aesthetic, exploration and expression is THE failing fiction. I’m honored to be a associated with the bold, brave graceful and curious minds that make up the Midwest BSFA.”
napoleon_mildredMildred Fallen, writer/editor, idea generator: 

“I’m proud to be associated with Midwest BSFA because I’ve learned so much in these two years that continuously makes me reexamine literature and entertainment. By questioning the absence of cultural diversity in all of the popular culture tropes I consume, I find that the narrative isn’t fixed  unless I accept the demise narrative, which I don’t. We have always seen ourselves in the future because we are its seeds.”


Alexandra Green, high priestess of good vibes, idea generator, jack-of-all-trades: 
“Being a member of the Midwest BSFA has solidified and allowed me to encourage, empower, and create a world full of ‘Yes, beautiful youth of today, you can be and do WHATEVER you put your heart, mind and soul into becoming!’ Using our doubts, weaknesses, fears, and limitations as a tool to learn, strengthen, explore and conquer ANYTHING and or ANYONE that tries to create a road block in our positively paved path to being. We are here to promote, magnify and amplify the word sound and power of all POCs.”

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