We’re back again with another installment of “Projects I’m Supporting”! Up this time: 23-16-9: A Short Film, Niobe: She Is Death, Kamikaze: Volume 2/Soundbox, and the Patreon campaigns of Mikki Kendall and K. Tempest Bradford.

23-16-9: A Short Film
As 1/4th of the Nerds of Prey podcast crew, Lauren Warren is one of the funniest women on Twitter. If you’ve cackled at her otter meme captions or her meme duos with Steph_I_Will of the Lemonade podcast, you should already know she’s a screenwriter and producer. Her short, 23-16-9 is about a drugpin named Veronica who intends to get the money she’s owed from Sam and Declan with the help of her daughters, Marisa, Michaela and Natalia. This isn’t sci-fi, of course, but since starting Midwest BSFA, some of the folks I’ve met on Twitter have become staples in my daily life and this is my chance to support one of them.

Niobe: She is Life (hard cover) and Niobe: She is Death #1 (comic)
Sebastian Jones was one of my first interviews for this blog, and he and his team at Stranger Comics have been cranking out awesome indies for quite some time now. This time around, he’s using a Kickstarter campaign to fund a hard cover of Niobe: She is Life as well as the first issue of Niobe: She is Death, both of which are co-written by actress/activist Amandla Stenberg. Like other Stranger Comics works, the art is bound to be gorgeous!

Kamikaze: Volume 2 and SoundBox
Kamikaze is a Glyph Award-winning scifi webcomic set in a world 200 years after a plague wipes out virtually all plant life on Earth. Remaining vegetation is under the protection of city-states, lead by corporations that have evolved into feudal royalty. Survivors settled around these protected areas to escape stretches of abandoned wasteland and the main character, Markesha Nin, doing whatever it takes to keep herself and her father alive. A $35 donation gets you volumes 1 and 2 as well as a spin-off comic, SoundBox, which takes place in a nightclub where Markesha is doing a side job. (It should be noted that while the characters are diverse, the creators of Kamikaze aren’t black. It matters as sometimes certain scenarios aren’t handled the way they should be because of that, but I was willing to give this a shot.)

Mikki Kendall and K. Tempest Bradford Patreon Campaigns
I can’t say enough about these ladies. Their contributions to the sci-fi community and to the writing community in general are felt and very much appreciated. And through their Patreon campaigns, I get to follow what they’re working on and get some patron-only flash fiction! *milly rocks* It is an absolute joy to get flash fiction from Mikki and I’m thrilled to know that the little bit of cash I’m contributing to Tempest is going toward helping her write a steampunk depiction of Egypt that isn’t white savior-y or Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque.

OK, your turn. What are you supporting?


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