tumblr_static_1nbu5f9j0zggskkg880w084w8So it’s the end of the year but there are still plenty of crowdfunding projects out there that need your support. Here’s the latest round of projects I’ve supported.

a0c32f05328f7e5906dae4d5bef41fa5_originalOctavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower: The Opera – I think everyone is aware of how much I love Octavia Butler’s work, ESPECIALLY Parable of the Sower, so when the campaign popped up, I was all over it! Created by Toshi Reagon and her mother, Bernice Johnson Reagon, this genre-defying work of new opera, drawing from two centuries of Black music. It features a cast of 15 amazing singers of singular talent and diversity, and a 5 member orchestra which includes Toshi’s band BigLovely, and a striking set design and visual installation, and a dream team of designers and creatives.

02fbc807ba7fafa9d1c856c9568eef45_originalMalika – Warrior Queen (Part 2) – This historical fantasy graphic novel concludes the story of Malika, a badass warrior queen in a 15th-century West Africa. In part two, she uncovers a painful betrayal by one of the people closest to her. The treachery unnerves a usually stoic and composed Malika, allowing her enemies both known and unknown, internal as well as external, encircle her, positioning themselves for the destruction of Azzaz, the empire she spent her entire adult life building. Can Malika recompose herself and save her people once again? Or is this betrayal the beginning of the end for Malika and the people of Azzaz? Only time will tell.

a3b0ebf885d6b0d61c89dbd52a8b3a19_originalCyber/Punk/Funk – Cyber/Punk/Funk is a cyberpunk anthology comprised of 10 short stories drawn and written by queer folk and people of color. The purpose of the anthology is to bring the most marginalized voices to the fore, to tell tales of speculative fiction that examines the world as it is and how it may one day be.

73ef9849b2b03aca578319e7d970bcc2_originalIs’nana the Were-Spider – The horror legend of the son of Anansi the Spider, Is’nana, continues when he must stop a hive of evil were-hornets, bees, and wasps. Created by Greg Anderson-Elysee, this is the second part in an ongoing series of one-shots/graphic novels.

What are you supporting this month? 

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