Midwest BSFA member Renee Tecco gives us her take on The Witches!

People who love the original version of The Witches are saying to skip the remake because it’s a lot like the 1990 version. They are saying to go watch the original. It makes sense that they are a lot alike because both versions follow the book. Roald Dahl, the author of the book The Witches saw the 1990 movie before he died and he didn’t like it because they changed his ending. So some prefer the book better.

As someone who watched the 1990 version with my child a lot and now watched the 2020 version I say they both stand. Watch them both—watch them back to back. Watch one movie this weekend and the other next weekend. Because anyone with children knows that watching movies is not just the first watch but continuous replays.

The source material is great and 2020 movie goes back to the book’s original ending. Also, realize that it’s a movie first and foremost for kids. Adults need to stop bringing their nostalgia into everything. The remake doesn’t have to better than the first but the incremental changes makes it worthy of viewing. And if you are someone who only likes the original, might I suggest the book by the author for bedtime reading —r2t

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