It’s been a minute since I did one of these. That doesn’t mean I stopped supporting projects throughout the pandemic — I just forgot to post about them! Here’s a list of projects I’ve supported over the last few months. There are some Kickstarters in there that are currently going, too, if you’re interested in backing something before the holiday season gets going!

From Here to Timbuktu: A Steamfunk Action Adventure
Based on the novel From Here to Timbuktu by author Milton Davis, this animated steamfunk series follows the story of freed enslaved Africans who led a successful revolt sparked by the Haitian Revolution. They control the southeastern American states and formed a new nation called Freedonia. “This action adventure take place in 1870. As the young country of Freedonia prepares to celebrate fifty years of existence, a young bounty hunter by the name of Zeke Culpepper is hired by a wealthy businessman to find a valuable book. In the kingdom of Mali on the continent of Africa, veteran warrior Famara Keita has been assigned to find that same book and bring it back to its rightful owner. And in the newly formed nation of Germany, an ambitious Prussian officer seeks the book as well for its secrets that could make Germany the most powerful nation in the world.” The Kickstarter runs through Nov. 17, so donate if you want to see this come to life!

A Compendium of Lesser-Known Cryptids
Zaire N. Lanier followed up the success of the Kickstarter for her first comic the Afropunk horror comic The Bone Herder with this encyclopedia of sorts that “documents the research of the Seldom Valley Cryptid Society through collected ephemera for a glimpse behind the veil.” “The Seldom Valley Cryptid Society has encountered many an inexplicable thing on this Earth.  Some foul and decrepit, rotten and fetid. Beings that feed upon the wretched and the hopeless. Beings that delight in sorrow and woe. Trust your instincts in such matters.” If you back the Kickstarter, you should have your rewards by next March. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until later in the year to snag a copy!

“The Crosswick Snake”
Local Black comic writer Aziza and artist INKY have a story called “The Crosswick Snake” in the second issue of the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities’ comics anthology, Trains, Trails, and Terror! “In May of 1882, a strange creature stalked and attempted to spirit off with a young child from Crosswick, a small community outside Waynesville, Ohio. The townspeople chased the creature into its hiding place, a large sycamore tree at the edge of a creek- but it got away.” The 44-page black and white anthology features “legends, hauntings, and weird history” in the Greater Cincinnati region. It’s already fully funded but there are a few more days left to support this one (it closes on Nov. 3) if you want to help pay for the third book next year!

Into the Mother Lands – An Original Afrofuturist TTRPG
Fully funded in 90 minutes, Into the Mother Lands – An Original Afrofuturist TTRPG is bound to be a tour de force when it comes out next year. The brainchild of Tanya DePass (game developer and founder of I Need Diverse Games), the game is “a new sci-fi odyssey funded & supported by Twitch, developed by a fantastic team of POC RPG designers, with amazing POC talent both on screen and working hard behind the scenes to bring you a tale of misguided travels, adventurers led astray many generations past.”

NIOBE & DURA: Wrath of the Ancient #1
The Half-Elf hero returns in three fantasy tales by Stranger Comics: The Untamed, Morka Moa, and Niobe & Dura co-authored by Prentice Penny (of Insecure fame). Sebastian A. Jones’s THE UNTAMED: A Sinner’s Prayer was the first comic crowdfunding campaign I ever backed, and four and a half years later, he’s still knocking it out of the park, publishing stellar storylines and amazing art. If you backed NIOBE & DURA when it was live back in August (it was funded in seven minutes and smashed its stretch goals), you should get it in your hands by the end of the year. (*fingers crossed*)

What are you supporting?

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