We’re hosting a write-in session over on our Discord from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Nov. 17! See the premise [TW/CW for death] and instructions on how to participate.

PREMISE: For 300 years, every child born is implanted with a chip that monitors brain matter. Those who develop less grey matter in the brain over time? The chip automatically activates and ZAP! They’re dead. (This idea comes from a University of Chicago study released in 2019 that studied more than 800 prisoners. Brain scans showed that those convicted of homicide had less grey matter in their brains.)

Eventually, the brain changes over that period of time. In this future world, people are more empathetic, compassionate…and there are raising their children to be more empathetic. Anger becomes less of a trigger for violence. There are few to no wars.  Brains begin to naturally produce more grey matter but there are still those who have reduced amounts of grey matter. Reduced grey matter still equals future killer. The implanted chip stops killers before they even get the urge to kill.

With this premise as the setup, our write-in will do the following:

  • Discuss the ethical complications of this scenario (30 minutes)
  • Write a scene using this backstory above as a starting point (60 minutes)
    • How is life different for people in this future world than they are for people right now?
  • Regroup and read scenes (if participants want to share) (30 minutes)

Participants can choose to further extrapolate from the backstory presented (for instance, 300 years into the future, space travel might take place). If you’d like to attend with a scene based on the backstory, please feel free to start writing now! This will take place on Midwest BSFA’s Discord so if you want access to it, you must email midwestbsfa@gmail.com by the 4 p.m. EST Nov. 17. (If you are unable to attend, but would still like to participate, you can write your scene and email it to us and we’ll read it the night of the event, if we have time.)

We’re looking forward to writing with you!  

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