Author/publisher Milton Davis of MVmedia has a special announcement: “This month, I’m celebrating Sword and Soul. At the same time, it’s Women History Month. Which made me think about Black women and Sword and Soul. Years ago, we did Griots: Sisters of the Spear to highlight Sword and Soul stories about women of African/African Diaspora descent. But with the exception of the wonderfully talented Sarah Macklin, I have no novels written by sisters. So this is what I’m going to do. For the first time in MVmedia history, I’m going to do an open submission for pitches and stories on Sword and Soul stories written by women of African/African Diaspora descent.

I’m looking for true Sword and Soul, not Eurocentric high fantasy, not ‘African’ versions of European tales. I’m looking for action adventure based on pre-colonial African history, culture and traditions. I’ll make a formal announcement next month, but I’m giving y’all a heads up. Once the submission period is closed, I’ll pick three pitches/novels and offer publishing contracts to the authors. Each novel will also have cover art created by a woman artist of African/African Diaspora descent. I wish I could do more, but it’s just me. Feel free to spread the word.”

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