A few weekends ago, we had the pleasure of attending the Black Fae Day meetup at the Ohio Renaissance Festival during Fantasy Weekend as the BFD founders Jasmine and Carlos introduced their official ren faire guild, Fae of the Shade! Check out the photos from the meetup, courtesy of NyteVisions Photography.

Details about The Shade:

The Shade is a realm that is sheltered in familiardarkness, blending in with the twilight. Only in Virikai, under the ever watchful guardianship of the Duskwood are there portals of light that occasionally defenestrate new beings, materia, and occasionally threats into The Shade. The other three regions of The Shade- Callisti, Anwuru, and Neleus- are swathed in stars and moons of the night, only seeing the glimmering portals of Virikai in the distance.

There was a great conflict between all creatures. In an effort to keep peace, a group of eldersfrom every faction combined their talents to erase the origins of their conflict and  force the realm into a deep sleep. Now something in the atmosphere has woken The Shade. With no clues from their memories of the past, everyone must come together and make a new future. But as they interact, some memories return. The path they choose next will determine their fate… 

Use the QR code and take the official quizzes of The Shade to reveal your Shade Origins!

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