This month, we’re highlighting some little known or completely forgotten Black horror films, thanks to the folks at the Department of Afro American Research, Arts, and Culture in Greensboro, North Carolina! Next up, 1984’s The House of Dies Drear!

The House of Dies Drear (1984) is a TV movie (originally aired on PBS) based on the children’s novel by Virginia Hamilton. This movie is not a “horror” film per se. However, there are some bizarre moments that give this movie a suspenseful feeling. What I dig about this movie is we see some young and aspiring actors alongside some well-seasoned actors. Overall, the film has some educational history about the Underground Railroad and is worthy of watching with the family.

Director: Allan A. Goldstein
Writers: Virginia Hamilton (book), Richard Wesley (screenplay)
Starring: Howard E. Rollins Jr., Shavar Ross, Gloria Foster, Joe Seneca, Frances Foster, Hardee T. Lineham, Tichina Arnold, Kadeem Hardison, Moses Gunn, Clarence Williams III.

This eerie ghost story with a twist reaches back to slavery and underground railroads. Bizarre antics begin when a modern-day black family moves into a historic old house that seems to be haunted by murdered abolitionist Dies Drear. Dramatic special effects help build suspense as Walter Small and his son Thomas seek to discover the secrets of the legendary haunted house.

You can watch it online at

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