This month, we’re highlighting some little known or completely forgotten Black horror films, thanks to the folks at the Department of Afro American Research, Arts, and Culture in Greensboro, North Carolina! Next up, 1976’s Devil‘s Express!

“Devil’s Express” (1976) was also released as “Gang Wars” probably because the creators was trying to figure out how to make this film work. This movie consist of martial arts, multi-cultural gangs, and subway demons. I like how the film takes place in the streets of NYC, so you get a great look into city as it was in the 70s. The film is led by martial artist, Warhawk Tanzania (best name ever).

Director: Barry Rosen
Writers: Barry Rosen (original screenplay), Niki Patton (original screenplay), Pascual Vaquer (original screenplay)
Starring: Warhawk Tanzania, Wilfredo Roldan, Larry Fleischman, Stephen DeFazio, Elsie Roman, Moses Lyllia, Tsikagi Tanzania

New York Master Martial Artist Luke (Warhawk Tanzania, Force Four) goes to Hong Kong to earn his next level in the Martial Arts world. He convinces his student Rodan (Wilfredo Roldan) to accompany him. Once they arrive, they come across an ancient burial site and find an amulet that holds a horrific demon creature in its power. Not knowing what the amulet was for, Rodan steals it and takes it back to gang infested New York City, only for the demon to come to New York to find it!

The demon travels through the New York city subway tunnels as it preys on it’s victims, including Rodan himself! The police think all the killings are a result of gang wars, but Luke soon finds out the terrifying truth and seeks out to avenge the death of his student! Luke must confront the horrifying demon face to face and do battle in the underground subways, where the only train that runs that late is the Devil’s Express!

Available on Blu-ray and some streaming services:–hZpEr1gI15UYnJfPFNWvDfvisRTQGzrRBn8

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