Coronavirus Wearable Art Response Project Art Show Opens on May 7

Our co-founder’s two portraits for Tina Guiterrez’s coronavirus wearable art response project will be on display during its first full art show at Kennedy Heights Arts Center, starting May 7! “Selected from over 120 portraits taken over the last two years, Tina Gutierrez has amassed a visual collection of our local community during the historic moment of navigating a pandemic that has affected us all. Participants were asked to respond with clothing, costume, or other wearable art to express how they felt about the coronavirus, quarantine, and social distancing. Many displayed personal empowerment, and in many cases, gathered strength through objects, and adornments. For others, objects and garments of beauty helped them feel reconnected to the world.” For more info on the opening reception, click here. The exhibition runs through July 2.

My First Squee: The Last Dragon

Sho’nuff: When I say “Who’s da master?” you say “Sho’nuff.” Who’s da master?!?
Bruce Leroy: 
I am.
Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon (1985)

In 1985 (37 years ago today), my favorite cousin, who was obsessed with all things martial arts-related, took me to see Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon, the fantastical, cheesy, racially tone-deaf story of an African-American Kung Fu “master” living in Harlem. I was 8 and already quite accustomed to his addiction as we spent many a Saturday morning watching dubbed black-and-white movies about ninja and samurai trying to live honorably, and beating the crap out of those who refused to let them. Although I occasionally complained that I was missing The Smurfs, Scooby-Doo, and various other cartoons during these times, I, too, was taken with these movies. My idolization of my older cousin made liking them possible.

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