“Hood” Cosplays: Yea or Nah?

linkIn late June, I was trying to think up a quick cosplay for Anime Midwest and one of the characters that popped into my head was a genderflip of Thug!Nagisa from 50% Off! I already owned the right colored wig and I could’ve easily pulled together Nagisa’s school uniform. Just about everyone who’s watched Free! has seen 50% Off! so it wasn’t beyond reason that this cosplay would leave my fellow con goers in stitches. One knee slap and a hardy guffaw later, it was off the table. The more I thought about accessories for the cosplay, the more uncomfortable it made me. It brought up a couple of very important questions: What makes someone a “thug”? What makes something “thuggish”? Hmmm… Continue reading ““Hood” Cosplays: Yea or Nah?”