Black Art at BLINK 2022

BLINK started tonight and here’s some of the Black art we saw during the event!

“In speaking with locals about the area, I put together a vision that would feature the youth of the community looking towards the future of it throughout the growth and change along with pixel mapping from Chaske Haverkos for a multisensorial experience. The figures are in meditation with their thoughts while looking up to the sky symbolizing the future and limitless possibilities.”

1818 Race Street, in the Market Square alleyway

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Aziza the Graphic Novelist Participates in Queen City Black Comix Day Comics Creators Panel

Aziza the Graphic Novelist

Aziza the Graphic Novelist joins the Queen City Black Comix Day comics creators panel on Saturday, June 26, at 2:30 p.m. EST on Facebook Live! She’ll discuss some upcoming projects as well as her first comic, The Kaaiman’s Cry, which we interviewed her about last summer.

Midwest BSFA: How did you get into comics writing?
In general, I feel like visual media tends to be more engaging. Originally, I started researching how to create my own video game.Β  However, the more I studied the more I realized that the barriers to entry were way too high and would’ve involved me learning skills that I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed learning.Β  On the other hand, I’ve always loved writing. And once I started studying on how comics were made, I realized that most of the skills that are required to self publish a comic are skills that I enjoy, want to improve, or do well.Β  So I decided on comics as the medium to tell my stories.

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Interview with Filmmaker Akosua Akoben


Filmmaker Akosua Akoben found a new love in film production, and plans to produce several webseries and multimedia productions. Part of her webseries, The Pride, will screen at our “What Does the Future Look Like?” program on Feb. 23! We recently talked to her about her interest in science fiction and Afrofuturism and her webseries, The Pride. Continue reading “Interview with Filmmaker Akosua Akoben”