Projects I’m Supporting, Part Nine


It’s Black History Month…excuse us, Black FUTURES Month…and what better time to run down the list of projects I’ve supported over the last couple of months.

Written by Robert Jeffrey (DC Comic Writers Workshop, DC New Talent Workshop, Route 3), illustrated by Jordi Perez (Top Cow’s Grand Theft Astro) and colored by Paris Alleyne (IDW, Boom! Studios, Lion’s Forge), RET:CON is the story of an agency formed to stop reality from falling into entropy in a time when artificial intelligence governs the remains of a world ravaged by violent temporal ruptures. Agent ‘4 am’ is a part of RET:CON’s elite unit, the Slingshotters, whose mission is to breach the time stream to repair the future. The comic’s Kickstarter runs through March 15.


The Haunting of Tram Car 015 
Set in the same universe as his short story, “A Dead Djinn in Cairo,” P. Djeli Clark’s novella The Haunting of Tram Car 015 focuses on a possessed tram car that’s being investigated  by the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments and Supernatural Entities. The book is currently available for pre-order and drops this month.



A horrific crisis forces 19-year-old Brandon Hanks to leave Chicago, and live with his grandmother in the sleepy town of Marion, South Carolina, where he meets Jackson Garrett, a supernatural being who’s running from a dark and deadly past. This comic was created by Viktor Kerney, one half of the Megasheen podcast, which discusses geek news from a gay black male perspective. Viktor successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign for volume 1 of StrangeLore and is currently working on volume 2.

What projects are you supporting this month? 

A Fangirl’s Manifesto: Avoiding the Gatekeepers (in Any Fandom)

NoEntryI was a teenager when I started to like jazz. In high school, my marching band director played John Coltrane and Miles Davis in his office, the notes wafting in and out of our practice room during our breaks. I bought jazz CDs through that Columbia House CD Club scam when I was in college and by the time I was in grad school, I was crate digging for jazz on vinyl at local record shops. However, it wasn’t until I got deep into the Cincinnati jazz scene that I fell in love with the art of the live jazz show…and subsequently learned what gatekeeping was. Read More

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deeper_than_atlantis_with_illmil_2Midwest BSFA member Mildred “Ill Mil” Fallen, host of Deeper than Atlantis: Diggin’ In Da Crates on Soul Public Radio, is one of nine MCs featured on Gamma, Cincinnati hip-hop producer Homage-CVG’s concept album centered around The Incredible Hulk. Fallen is on the roster among rhyme veterans, including Kyle David (Five Deez/Sons of Silverton), Boogie Bang (Red Eye Blue), Vibe One (Watusi Tribe), and Citoak (Watusi Tribe/Sons of Silverton). We talked to her about her Gamma contribution, her hip-hop background and her foray into comics.   Read More