Cosplaying While Black

13775562_1765905916985497_5192150657252847448_nLast month, some friends and I attended Motor City Steam Con up in Livonia, Mich. Good panels, good entertainment, seeing old acquaintances – all around great first convention. We had a great time. When I posted my photos from the event on Facebook a few days later, a friend of a friend got tagged in a picture of the two of us (I was dressed as a steampunk version of Garnet from Steven Universe), which started a thread of comments from people I don’t know. Most of them were complimentary but there always has to be one person who wants to try and ruin things, right? Continue reading “Cosplaying While Black”

Queen City Black Comix Day is Back!

2016 QCBCD flier RESIZED

Join the Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance for the 2nd annual Queen City Black Comix Day on June 25 at the Corryville branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County! African-American comics creators and illustrators will participate in this free half-day event for Cincinnati youth (adults welcome!). Each participating artist will decide what they want to focus on – drawing their interpretations of well-known characters, drawing their own characters, selling their comics ( D. all of the above!) – and will available to answer questions about their work. Come out and join us! Saturday, June 25, noon to 4 p.m., 2802 Vine St., Corryville (Cincinnati, OH 45219).

“Hood” Cosplays: Yea or Nah?

linkIn late June, I was trying to think up a quick cosplay for Anime Midwest and one of the characters that popped into my head was a genderflip of Thug!Nagisa from 50% Off! I already owned the right colored wig and I could’ve easily pulled together Nagisa’s school uniform. Just about everyone who’s watched Free! has seen 50% Off! so it wasn’t beyond reason that this cosplay would leave my fellow con goers in stitches. One knee slap and a hardy guffaw later, it was off the table. The more I thought about accessories for the cosplay, the more uncomfortable it made me. It brought up a couple of very important questions: What makes someone a “thug”? What makes something “thuggish”? Hmmm… Continue reading ““Hood” Cosplays: Yea or Nah?”

Cosplaying While Black and ‪#‎28DaysOfBlackCosplay


Last fall, I was standing around shooting the breeze with a bunch of people at a comic book convention when one of the guys turned to me and said, “You know who you should cosplay?” I cringed internally because if you’re a white guy talking to a non-racially ambiguous plus-sized black woman, this type of conversation never ends well, especially for the party on the receiving end of such a question.

Continue reading “Cosplaying While Black and ‪#‎28DaysOfBlackCosplay”