Midwest BSFA Member Napoleon Maddox Runs Down His Top Afrofuturistic Tracks

napoleonlightflarewebAfter years of touring and discovering music from all parts of the world, Napoleon Maddox came home with a longing for cultivation and fearless celebration of what musicians here have to offer the world. “It’s important that the connection be understood, stated and restated. This music came from the beak of Paul Lawrence Dunbar and Maya Angelou’s “caged bird,” he says. “When artists around the world create or perform jazz, country, funk, rock, hip-hop or trap, they are echoing some Blues that the ‘caged bird sang.’” The musical offerings he’s heard on stages in Finland, England, France and other places, drove him to create the Underworld Jazz Festival, which takes place May 23-27 at venues around Cincinnati, and include two performances of his experimental music mashup, The Deconstruction Period. In honor of this event, we asked Napo to give us his top Afrofuturistic tracks.  Continue reading “Midwest BSFA Member Napoleon Maddox Runs Down His Top Afrofuturistic Tracks”

IsWhat?! Presents The Deconstruction Period

deconstructionPOn Tuesday, Feb. 24, ‪the members of ISWHAT?!, including Midwest BSFA member Napoleon Maddox, are hosting a show at ‪The Greenwich called The Deconstruction Period. As some might imagine, the name and concept of this event is intended to bring to mind certain eras in history, as we have not come as far as our calendars suggest.

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