On Impostor Syndrome

Back in March, I participated in a conference on “nerd lit” at Miami University. I was invited to be on the main plenary panel (with three other speakers) as well as present my steampunk character building workshop as a breakout session during the event. It was a paying gig at an official undergraduate academic conference, but in the days leading up to it, the thought of participating started to make me a little queasy. And there’s a very easy explanation for that — Impostor Syndrome. Continue reading “On Impostor Syndrome”

Midwest BSFA Co-Founder to Participate in Miami University’s “Nerd Lit” Conference on March 3


Midwest BSFA co-founder Aiesha Little will participate in a panel called “Nerd Lit: Creativity, Community, and Culture,” which will explore the craft and cultural reach of these fantastic genres, during Miami University’s second Marianne D. McComb Biennial Conference on Creative Writing on March 3! She will share the stage with Ben Percy (author of the novels The Dark Net and Red Moon, and writer of DC Comics’ Teen Titans and Green Arrow), Tiffany Knoell (Department of Popular Culture, Bowling Green State University) and Geoffrey Girard (author of the speculative dark fiction novels Mary Rose and Truthers). She will also do her steampunk character building workshop as a breakout panel.  Visit http://miamioh.edu/cas/academics/departments/english/academics/majors/creative-writing/mccomb-conference/ for more information.