Jasmine Keitt’s The Preternaturals

jasmine keittBronx-based blogger/artist/vlogger Jasmine Keitt’s forthcoming webcomic The Preternaturals blends occult and horror with fantasy/sci-fi elements. In this world, werewolves and vampires are real and some humans have super powers. Check out an excerpt of “Nae Nae & the Wolf Cub,” the first of three stories to be released before the comic’s October debut.  Continue reading “Jasmine Keitt’s The Preternaturals”


the Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance! This is an online and IRL community where African-Americans who like all types of genres that fall under speculative fiction (sci-fi, Afrofuturism, steampunk, sword & soul, etc) can get together. We pay special attention to the works of black creators (writers, authors, filmmakers, musicians, etc.) and want to encourage more African-Americans – and people of all backgrounds – to support them in their efforts.

Our goals include:

  • Highlighting diversity in the speculative fiction space
  • Hosting monthly/quarterly programs on speculative fiction topics
  • Attending conventions/conferences with speculative fiction themes

If you have ideas for blog topics, IRL programs, etc., please email us at midwestbsfa@gmail.com. Stay tuned.

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