it's been 84 years gifSo…did anyone have “Global Pandemic” on their 2020 bingo card? No? Us either. Long before COVID-19 (aka #datrona) decided to make itself at home, we’d been on a pretty long hiatus ⁠— a year and three months, to be exact. Don’t get us wrong; we didn’t disappear from the internet completely. Our Facebook page is going strong and we’re still kekeing over on Twitter (we even have an Instagram account!). We just dropped the ball with the blog is all. But we’re back for a while.

By way of a quick recap, we only participated in and held a handful of programs last year. That included a “Black Futures” event, a skate party a comic book event at the Clermont County Public Library and a couple of panels (steamfunk panel at the International Steampunk Symposium, Super Heroines Etc.’s “Steampunk 101” and the graphic novel discussion at Books By the Banks). And it looks like we’ll be severely limited in what we can do in person this year. With that said, you can still hit us up on the sosh meeds whenever you like! Hope y’all are surviving all of this as best you can!

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